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Embrace Your Hourglass with Kibbe Romantic Body Type

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Are you a hopeless romantic with a killer hourglass figure? Do you love all things soft, delicate, and feminine? Then the Kibbe Romantic body type may be perfect for you! This body type is all about embracing your curvy hourglass figure and enhancing your natural beauty with whimsical, romantic fashion choices.

If you're a Kibbe Romantic with an hourglass figure, here are some key characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Body Shape: The Kibbe Romantic body type is known for its curvy, hourglass figure. Your shoulders and hips are likely to be of similar width, with a small waist that is significantly narrower than your bust and hips.

5 body figures showing the different body shapes of the female body. Hourglass figure
5 body shapes: the one on the far right is the hour glass
  • Height: The Romantic body type can range from petite to tall.

Emilia Clarke & Sofia Vergara representing the hourglass body shape
Both Emilia Clarke & Sofia Vergara having hourglass body shapes
  • Bone Structure: The bone structure of the Romantic body type is typically delicate and small. Meaning relatively narrow and, slopped shoulder lines, or small wrists, small-sized hands, and feet.

Asian woman in a beautiful laced black gown hourglass figure characteristic
exampled of slopped shoulder line
  • Facial Features: You likely have soft, rounded facial features with a small, slightly retrousse nose.

Queen Latifa, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez face shapes romantic body type characteristic hourglass
Rounded face shapes examples: Queen Latifa, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez

Recommendations when getting dressed as a Romantic body type with an hourglass figure:

To enhance your natural beauty and style as a Kibbe Romantic body type, look for clothing that highlights your proportionate hourglass curves, which add a touch of yin to your overall look. Soft, flowing fabrics such as silk and chiffon can look lovely on the Romantic body type that will enhance your natural yin grace. Delicate prints, lace, and ruffles are also good choices for detail on garments. Remember, yin is all about softness, delicacy, and feminine energy, so look for pieces that exude those qualities. Avoid sharp angles or overly structured pieces that can disrupt the yin balance of your natural curves. Embrace your softness and showcase your romantic nature through your wardrobe!

Beyoncé is a perfect example of the Kibbe Romantic body type because of her famous curvy hourglass figure. Beyoncé's shoulders and hips are likely to be of similar width, with a small waist that is significantly narrower than her bust and hips. Her bone structure is delicate and small, adding to her overall feminine grace. She also has soft, rounded facial features with a small, slightly retrousse nose, which is another characteristic of the Kibbe Romantic body type.

Beyonce in a pink bikini in a tropical beach hourglass figure

When Beyoncé wears clothes that highlight her curves, she looks amazing! It is as if her clothes are an extension of her personality. Take a look at the left photograph below where Beyonce is wearing a metallic pantsuit. The soft fabric follows Beyoncé's hourglass figure so gracefully that our eye goes directly to her rather than her outfit. The detailed pattern of the fabric adds this lavish and romantic aesthetic that creates this superstar image. She also wears a belt that emphasizes her waist keeping her silhouette in portion and in balance. However, when she wears clothing that doesn't complement her hourglass figure, such as structured clothing, it can create a less flattering look. Take a look at the photo below on the right where Beyoncé appeared wearing a straight-structured pantsuit. Is the overall, impact the same as the left? No! The structured fabric breaks the lines of her curvy silhouette that almost conceal Beyoncé and her persona, making it as if it could be anyone ordinary.

Beyonce wearing gold pantsuit and a pantsuit that is black and white stripes with a sharp hat showcasing the hourglass figure

When it comes to dressing for your hourglass figure as a Kibbe Romantic, keep these tips in mind:

  • Emphasize your waist: You have a small, narrow waist that is a key feature of your body type. Emphasizing your waist with belts, fitted clothing, or cinched dresses can enhance your natural curves.

  • Look for soft, flowing fabrics: Soft, flowing fabrics such as silk and chiffon can look lovely on the Romantic body type. They enhance the feminine grace of your body type.

  • Opt for delicate prints and lace: Delicate prints and lace can add a touch of romance to your overall look.

  • **Balance your top and bottom halves: As an hourglass figure, you'll want to make sure that your top and bottom halves are balanced. Look for clothing that highlights both the top and bottom halves of your body. For instance, if you are wearing a bold color shirt and black trousers, you should wear bright colorful shoes or have a detail on the bottom half of the outfit. This will help you keep your silhouette balanced.

Kibbe Romantic body type Moon Board hourglass figure
Kibbe Romantic body type mood board

In conclusion, being a Kibbe Romantic with an hourglass figure means embracing your natural beauty with soft, flowing fabrics, delicate prints, and a touch of romance. With these tips and recommendations, you can enhance your hourglass figure and create a whimsical, feminine look that's all your own.

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