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Hi! I’m Eleni Souroulidi, a Color Analysis expert, and qualified make-up artist with Colour Me Beautiful

Ever since I can remember I always loved colors and finding new color combinations for my outfits.  I can still remember my favorite blouse when I was a little girl; it was red with these little yellow flowers on it that I wore all the time that I matched with yellow-colored shorts.  My mother says that I was her only child that she allowed to dress themself for school because I truly had a good taste for color combinations. 

My passion for color only grew as I got older which led me to attain my undergraduate dual degree in Art History and Communications at Fordham University in New York City. The Post Impressionism era was the one that intrigued me the most because of the way artists used color to express a specific emotion. That is where I truly learned the power of color and how it affects our emotions and our well-being. Having spent years in a corporate world working in Marketing in the United Kingdom, I noticed that nearly all my colleagues were wearing black from head to toe and so did I. However, as soon as I began to “rebel” against the status quo by wearing a colorful scarf or a more vibrant colored blouse, I immediately felt more confident compared to when I wore all black. Wearing more color did not only uplift my mood but also others around me started to notice and I received more smiles around the office. I decided to leave the corporate world behind me and pursue a career in something I had a true passion for. I enrolled with the market leaders in color and style and trained at the Colour Me Beautiful academy in London. My mission through Chromatologie is to empower through color by not only showcasing how to wear color correctly but also harnessing the power of color to build confidence.

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